About Us

TSAPIKOUNIS Mon.IKE was founded in 2021 in Varda, Ilias. In an area that is famous for its dynamic economic growth due mainly to Agricultural Production. The object of our company is to provide a high level of advice and agricultural supplies to farmers in our area. The high scientific training of our agronomists and our cooperation with companies producing agricultural supplies (pesticides, fertilizers, propagating material) guarantee the excellent quality of our products.


Our vision is the development of agriculture in our region with methods that protect the environment and reduce the carbon footprint in the production of agricultural products with high added value for the environment, farmers and finally mainly for consumers.


The purpose of our company is to provide farmers-producers with innovative solutions to the problems of their crops for the production of high quality agricultural products (food) using safe agricultural supplies that ensure the health of consumers. Utilizing the state-of-the-art laboratory of chemical analysis (soil, leaves, water) we recommend the appropriate fertilizations reducing the nutrient deficiencies of crops and protecting them from excessive use of fertilizers that burden the environment and production costs. We promote the use of environmentally friendly and people-friendly agricultural supplies giving our producers a remarkable competitive advantage in the arena of international markets.